Quick Weight Loss Products


The quick weight loss products which flood the market all try to outperform each other. The ingredients in the products are all very fashionable, at least until the next “miracle discovery” comes along. You must keep in mind, however, that these products are not regulated so the ingredients and quality are in question. Also, if you purchase from an unheard of company, these quick weight loss products could be dangerous.

Herbal supplements have been use for centuries to bring about quick weight loss but not everything that is natural is safe. Herbs can be just as powerful as prescription medications and there is the risk that they might interact with your other medications. There are also new herbal products which come from overseas and might not have been researched as deeply so the interactions or side effects might not be known.

Here are some of the better known “natural” ingredients in quick weight loss products today.

Pomegranate– This fruit has been around forever and is very nutritional. It is also used to detoxify the body and gets rid of toxins which are harmful. It has recently gained a lot of popularity for it’s ability to help shed excess weight quickly and has been included in many quick weight loss products. This fruit can be found in many products and is often combined with green tea or acai berries. Although it has not been proven to bring about weight loss, it does have a high nutritional value.


Acai Berries– Very similar to pomegranate, this berry is very rich in nutrients, particularly antioxidants. This Brazilian berry is relatively new to the public but experts say that there is no evidence to suggest that this helps with weight loss.

Green Tea– The Asians have known the benefits of green tea for many years and have enjoyed this tea for centuries. Unlike more common components of weight loss products, early research shows that green tea may actually block fat and keep you from gaining weight. In the tests, mice that drank the green tea showed less fat in their livers and also showed lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. You can either drink the green tea by itself or in a drink which contains green tea.

Hoodia– This herb has been used in African countries for centuries as an appetite suppressant but there have been no U.S. studies to confirm it’s safety. African tribesmen have used it without side effects for many years but there are still drug interaction safety issues to consider.

If you think that you should require these herbal supplements as quick weight loss products, you should stick to the single ingredient instead of mixing two or more together. This cuts the risks of side effects. It will also give more definitive results on which one works best for you. Also remember to tell your doctor before starting any new supplement especially if you are taking medications for a pre-existing condition. Quick weight loss products are not always considered compatible with other medications.