Types of Weight Loss Tea

Although drinking delicious weight loss teas might not melt the pounds off quickly, they can aid in your weight loss program. The better portion of these teas is herbal, which is not an unusual choice for an enjoyable cup of tea. These weight loss teas have different effects on different people though. Below are just some of the different ingredients used in these teas:

Green Tea– This century’s old Japanese tea is one of the very few products on the market that actually helps you to lose weight. Green Tea works by stimulating your body to burn more calories. If you want to burn seventy calories each day, drink three to five cups of this. Green Tea speeds up your metabolism and blocks fat absorption. It also works to cut your appetite as well.

White Tea– Less processed than other teas, it has much more cancer fighting properties than other teas but has not shown any results as a weight loss tea. You will usually find it combined with other ingredients for weight loss.

Black Tea– You need to be a little careful with this one because it stimulates the heart. It comes from the same evergreen shrub as the oolong tea. It also is used as a diuretic. Like the white tea, it is used in combination with other weight loss ingredients.


Garcinia Cambogia–This ingredient is extracted from a small fruit that is found in India and Asia. It is used to boost fat burning and as an appetite suppressant. Studies done on animals have shown that this really works, but there are no human studies to prove its claims.

Acai berries– This has been labeled a super food of nature. It can be found in diet supplements, juices and weight loss tea. Unfortunately, the weight loss aspects have never been proven. However, the Acai berry is very high in nutrients.

Gymnema Sylvestre– This ingredient comes from a very common plant in India and it is used in the treatment of diabetes. It also curbs cravings for sweets and helps in the aid of keeping sugary or high carbohydrate foods from being stored in the body. If used in weight loss, it should be taken before meals.

Chromium Polynicotinate– This is another popular ingredient in quite a few weight loss products. This is a mineral which is needed for the regulation of blood sugar. It also aids in synthesizing of cholesterol, proteins and fats. Safe to take in small amounts, but too much can cause renal failure or liver problems.

When you choose a weight loss tea, look closely to see that all the ingredients are listed and make sure that you know what the ingredients are. Green tea is the only pure tea that doesn’t have other ingredients. Also, green tea is filled with antioxidants which will improve your immune system. It is the only known weight loss tea which actually does what it says. Only those who need to lose a small amount of weight should rely on just weight loss tea alone for losing weight.