Burn Belly Fat

In this article we will cover the best way for you to burn belly fat. Burning belly fat results vary with each person depending on their metabolism. Although some basic facts will be constant for all, not everyone is trying to lose the same amount of this belly fat and not everyone’s physical condition will be the same. Your age will play an important part in finding the best way for you to burn belly fat. It might take longer for one than it does for another to notice a difference.

The following facts need to be taken into consideration when choosing the best plan for you:
There is not just one type of belly fat. Subcutaneous fat is what you are trying to get rid of if you notice a slight waist paunch. Visceral fat is internal and although it can cause you to weigh more, it isn’t as obvious as the subcutaneous fat. But it is the visceral fat that is very serious because it can cause you to have a heart attack, some cancers and diabetes. Happily, it is visceral fat that goes first when you start a diet and exercise program. In order to lose this visible fat easily your diet must change first.

There are many reasons why people get this belly fat. For men, it is usually both lifestyle and diet which contribute to the accumulation of belly fat. For these men, the best way to lose belly fat will be to make changes in these areas of their life. For the women who have always had extra fat in their thighs or hips, it will shift to the belly area when they get older. And then there is the genetic part of the equation. The best way to lose belly fat will depend on why you are trying to get rid of these extra pounds.

Reducing calorie intake, of course, is always the best option for losing belly fat. The addition of aerobic exercises will also help to lose belly fat. You cannot just focus on belly fat and lose only in that area. To be in tip top physical condition, you need to loose fat over your entire body. This can only be done with proper healthy eating and an exercise program.


With obesity becoming a very serious problem in America, many are looking to get rid of the rolls of fat in their waist area. Therefore, much research has been devoted to finding the basics that work.

Substitute your soda or coffee with green tea. It can be served hot or cold and has natural ingredients which will get your body metabolism going. This means it helps to burn calories and will help you to lose weight. This is not a stand-alone method for losing the belly fat but is intended to be included in a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

For those who are physically unable to do an extensive workout program, don’t give up on adding exercise to your weight loss schedule. A simple walking program is an excellent way of burning calories. There is nothing as relaxing as a nice long walk. Make sure that you have a good pair of walking shoes though.

Talk to your doctor if the above methods are not working for you. A hormone imbalance or other physical problem could be standing in the way of your progress. He may have another best way to lose belly fat.