How to Lose Your Double Chin

One should consider the cause of your double chin before spending a ton of money on products to lose your double chin. Popular belief holds that a double chin is due to being overweight but it is aging plus genetics that are the usual causes of a double chin formation. If the cause of your double chin is because of aging, then nothing will help you to lose your double chin.

Causes for your Double Chin

Some people gain a lot of weight, become obese and still never have a double chin. Others can gain just a very few extra pounds it all goes straight under their chin. This could be because of a combination of the extra weight and genetic predisposition to a double chin. You can tell if it is a genetic reason if you develop the double chin at an early age and so do others in your family.

The general appearance of your skin can be influenced by several causes. Gravity, of course, does play a part but your body’s ability to produce collagen plays a bigger role. It is the collagen which gives the skin support. The skin loses its elasticity as collagen production decreases. This gives the appearance of saggy and loose skin. You will not be able to lose your double chin easily if this is the cause. In fact, the only way that you can lose your double chin if aging is the root cause would be by having surgery. This will tighten the loose skin under your skin but you will have to discuss this with a plastic surgeon.

Diet can help with your double chin. That’s right. Adding plenty of foods which contain concentrated amounts of antioxidants which hunt down and destroy the free radicals will cause your body to age. Eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C and E can help to stop this or even reverse the damage caused by aging.


This is much more effective than the creams and such which contain collagen and you will also feel better too. Collagen molecules are too large to actually penetrate the skin. Eating foods which help natural collagen production is much better for you and it will slow down the aging process as well.

A Brief Look at how Exercise can help with your Double Chin

This may sound a bit odd, but workouts on either a treadmill or doing aerobic exercises will help you with losing your double chin fat. Of course, you can’t just get rid of the fat in one area, it has to be a total body fat loss. If the double chin is caused by genetics, then this will be the last area that the fat will be lost. If you want to lose just the double chin, then liposuction is the only way for that to happen.

A natural approach, though, is always the best as it benefits your entire body. You will be healthier and leaner. Losing your double chin the healthy way can make your entire body feel much better