Lose Stomach Fat

If you have always dreamed of having perfect six-pack abs but have fallen short of your desires no matter what you do, then you might have to learn how to lose stomach fat before the muscles can even be seen. The bad news is that the stomach area is where fat seems to accumulate. For women, the cause is usually age which makes the metabolism slow down and this slows down even more after menopause. How to lose stomach fat really isn’t rocket science though.

What most people aren’t aware of is that stomach fat that is visible isn’t the kind of fat that has to be lost. It’s the deep layers of fat, or visceral fat, that has to be done away with. This is the fat that is dangerous to your health and increases your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even certain types of cancer. While it is important to lose this deep fat, this isn’t the fat that covers the abdominal cavity. Happily, this visceral fat does respond well to exercise and diet so that you can lose both types of fat at the same time.

The steps that are needed to lose stomach fat and develop the six-pack abs that you’ve always wanted are:


Exercise. Sit-ups and crunches are a waste of time since they do not help you burn fat. If done alone, they will not help you produce the abs that you want. You need a more balanced exercise routine which include cardiovascular workouts which burn fat as well as strength training exercises which will work all of the abdominal muscles. Moderate intensity is all that is needed for the cardiovascular exercises but these should be done daily.
Revamp your eating habits. Don’t cut fat entirely from your diet. Replace saturated fats with better and healthier options. Substitute complex carbohydrates such as are found in fresh fruits and vegetables for the simpler carbohydrates which are found in white breads, pastas and sweets. To lose stomach fat, you will also need to cut back on your calories by making lower calorie selections and reducing portion size.

Work to tighten and strengthen your core muscles. These are located in the torso just above the abdomen. This workout will also strengthen your support muscles as well. This will also help you to perform the necessary exercises correctly and with good form so that they are more effective.

Don’t grow dependent on using exercise machines. Retrain yourself to do exercises independently. These machines have a limit of only a couple of movements. Repetitive movements are not enough for those who want six-pack abs.

Find an exercise routine that you can actually enjoy for your cardiovascular workout. Monotony is the basis of failure with any exercise routine. Whether it is a thirty minute walk or a few laps in the pool, consistency is the key to a good workout which will help you lose stomach fat successfully.