Lose Leg Fat

Many women who are trying to have a fit and trim body are having a problem trying to lose leg fat. The legs are a particularly hard area to lose weight in. Sometimes it is a person’s genetics which determine the amount of fat that is stored as well as where in the legs is stored. For some women, the thighs is the target storage area of fat, for others it is the entire legs which store fat. Losing leg fat can be very hard for some but not for others.

No matter how much leg fat that you have or where on your legs it is located, you can’t just reduce your legs in spots or to lose the fat in just the desired spots. Just like losing weight in other areas of your body, you have to lose the body fat in order reduce the fat of the problem area.

Even though some women try to lose leg fat through diet and exercise, there are a few common mistakes many of them make which keep them from reaching their desired goals. Some of these mistakes in trying to lose leg fat are:

Do the improper type of exercises for the leg area that you are trying to slim down. If your leg fat is in your thighs and you do strength training alone without aerobic exercises to burn calories and fat as well, you will only make the thighs larger by adding muscle mass.


No exercise at all. Women are afraid of having muscular legs from exercise instead of losing fat in the leg area. What they don’t realize is that strength training tones the leg muscles and increase muscle mass while the aerobic exercises burn the fat and calories off the legs. It takes both types of exercises to produce trim and well-toned legs.

Use only exercise to lose leg fat. You have to cut fat from your daily diet just like when you are trying to lose total body fat. It makes no difference how much or how hard you exercise to burn the fat, if your calorie intake is higher than your burn off output, then you will never see any result. The basic point here is that you have to reduce calories, refined carbohydrates and limit your fat intake.

Do the same exercises over and over again. It takes a few different exercises for strength training. This will create and overall toned look once the fat is finally gone. You can’t lose weight in just one area with fat burning exercise. As an example, you can’t lose weight in your legs with just an exercise bike workout. It takes a more balanced approach to exercise to get the slim toned legs that you want. In fact, using just an exercise bike will put added stress to your knee joints.

Concentrate on only losing leg fat instead of overall body fitness. The core muscles are located mostly in the torso, or middle region of the body. These help to support the rest of the body’s muscles. They are also necessary for normal functions when performing everyday tasks. What you should be doing is sculpting your body into the lean, toned up machine that you want it to be. This means more muscle mass which will help you to burn more calories for continuous weight loss. Remember for every pound of muscle you need to burn 30-50 calories daily.

In order to have those leaner legs that you want you have to take an overall approach to fitness rather than just concentrating on losing leg fat. Exercising for at least thirty minutes five to seven days a week , with a rest day in between working out any major muscle group will get you the most benefit overall.