Fat Burning Exercises

Everyone is looking for that one magical, ultimate fat burning exercise that will help them melt away the fat as fast as possible. This is never easy to hear but the most successful exercises to burn fat are slow, aerobic and done over a long time. You have to involve all of the muscle groups if you want to burn fat effectively. The more of these muscles that you use, the leaner you will become. There are a lot of fat burning exercises that work wonderfully.

Some of the exercises that burn fat include swimming, jogging, cycling, running or even workouts that require a trainer. There are also sugar burning exercises, however these do not burn fat and you won’t want these. The exercises which burn sugar involve short bursts of movement which then require a following resting period. All you will be burning is sugar and little, if any, fat. Some sports including baseball, sprinting and tennis fall into this category.

The best exercise routine to burn fat is one that you choose for yourself. This has to include exercises which you can enjoy and will stick with. In this article we shall discuss different kinds of fat burning exercises and their advantages. Of course, always talk to your doctor first before starting any kind of exercise program. Also a word of advice here, you didn’t gain the weight overnight and you will not lose it overnight. It will take time, dedication and patience for these fat burning exercises to work.

The Exercise Ball as an Effective Weight Loss Tool

There are many people who do not know that using an exercise ball is very successful as a fat burning tool. This can be an excellent method for tightening up those abs. Using the exercise ball is neither tedious nor is it routine. You can also use this for achieving overall balance for your entire body. When you perform your workout with this ball, make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the ground while you sit on the ball.


Leg Exercises That Tone and Define Muscles

Every woman wants leg muscles that are slim, yet with strong definition. Yet which leg exercises actually do this? Leg exercises are specifically targeted to tone and shape leg muscles while burning the excess fat and cellulite from them. Most people sadly do not spend near enough time working these muscles and keeping them in shape. When muscles are out of shape, an exercise routine can make them sore at first and that usually chases many away.


Squats are very good for toning up leg muscles and burning fat. Not only do they shape your legs up but firm your buttocks as well. Lunges are another way to shape and tone your leg muscles while burning fat. You do not have to have a gym membership for any of these either.

Tread Mill

If you decide to use the tread mill make sure to first position it at an incline for the best results. Having it at an incline will provide more resistance for burning calories. Sometimes using the tread mill can get a bit boring so having a TV in the room where you can watch it while you work out helps. Also investing in an MP3 player helps as well. Walking in the forest is much more relaxing and beautiful as well.

This concludes this article on fat burning exercises.