Lose a Fat Belly

The only true way for you to lose a fat belly is to burn more calories and lower your calorie intake. If you do have unsightly belly fat, it is not different from the rest of your body fat that is stored elsewhere except that it is more dangerous to your health. Most people only want to lose a fat belly to improve their appearance and it is one of the major concerns of those starting a diet or exercise plan.

Just going on a Diet isn’t enough

People first decide on a diet that cuts calories, carbs, or fat in order to lose excess weight. But not everyone loses weight the same and fat is not all that will be lost. While employing a healthier diet will help you lose weight, the belly fat can’t be singled out as a weight loss goal with the rest of the body staying the same. You have to include an exercise program in order to build muscle which is also lost. This will also serve to strengthen your cardiovascular system and lose fat as well.

The Proper way to lose Belly Fat

Almost everyone who starts a diet or other program to lose weight often lose a fat belly first. Of course, if that is the only area that you have to lose weight, then it might take longer to lose it. This belly fat won’t be the first area that you lose weight in though if you have other areas that have excess fat. Don’t be discouraged though in your search to lose a fat belly.

Even though diet alone is not enough to make you lose the belly fat, eating healthier does make a marked difference. A big factor in your weight loss will be how your body processes glucose and insulin. If you replace your carbohydrate intake with whole grains, your body will balance your glucose and insulin levels which helps you to lose fat. Eating leaner meat such as fish or poultry and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables will also help to lose weight. Low-fat dairy products will help as well and should be consumed each and every day.


Fats do play a Role in your Diet

Some people think that if they want to lose fat that they have to cut it out of their diets completely. Some fats are bad and some fats are good. Your body needs the good fats such as polyunsaturated fats. These are found in olive oil and canola oil, nuts, avocados, olives and other foods.

Only a small amount of these good fats are needed so don’t overindulge. They will still cause belly fat if you eat too many of them. Try to find a diet which provides a portion ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates that you need to lose weight. Be sure and get your daily requirements of these.

Belly Fat can be Dangerous

There is no magical way to loose belly fat. Besides being unappealing, it can also be dangerous to your health. Your risk goes up for diabetes, certain cancers and heart diseases. So if you lose a fat belly, you will be in better health.